Who can benefit from art therapy?

Art therapy offers effective therapeutic support to people of all ages and backgrounds. Populations facing a diverse array of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual problems will find art therapy of great service.

Art therapists work with individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations. They may be the primary therapist to their client(s) or they may provide therapy in conjunction with other care professionals such as medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, teachers, social workers and ministers.

Artistic abilities and skills are not required for participating in art therapy. The technical quality and appeal of the creations clients produce do not effect the therapeutic value of art therapy. The process inherent in creativity, along with the meaningful stories told about both product and process, are central to the therapeutic experience.

Finally, it is worth noting that art therapy not only addresses clinical issues but also provides tremendous benefits to those individuals who are interested in exploring and strengthening their creativity and self-expression.

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